USA – Protest in Washington D.C. in commemoration of The Palestinian Nakba


Location: Washington D.C. – USA

Language: Arabic

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Dateline: 15/05/2022


Hundreds of Palestinian and Arab community as well as Jewish Americans gathered in protest to commemorate the 74th anniversary of The Palestinian Nakba in front of the monument of Abraham Lincoln in Washington D.C. Protesters raised Palestinian flags and signs condemning the killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. Protesters stated that they will continue to fight for their right to return to Palestine. They said The Nakba resulted in the world’s biggest eviction. On May 15th of every year, Palestinians commemorate The Nakba that happened in 1948 and resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the war prior to the establishment of the State of Israel.


Soundbite (Allen Humphry – Protester):

“Its’ absolutely heartbreaking and it’s infuriating because we all grew up ‎watching her, we all knew her, the name was common in our household. ‎It was a deliberate attack.”‎

Soundbite (Hamed Majhoul – Protester):

“Killing Shireen Abu Akleh was a deliberate act. It was an assassination carried out by Israel that is not concerned with public opinion. We are gathered here in solidarity with Palestine to commemorate The Palestinian Nakba.”
Soundbite (Hiba Al-wardi – Protester):
‎“We are here today to commemorate the 74th year of the ongoing Nakba ‎that is happening in Palestine. 74 years ago today was The Nakba where ‎‎75.000 Palestinians were forced out or murdered by Israel. ‎We are here to say that that has not ended and that Nakba is ongoing. ‎We still see in Masafer Yatta that Palestinians are being evicted. This is ‎the biggest eviction since 1967 and the courts are not fair courts because ‎they are colonial courts. Even one of the settlers that made this decision ‎is an illegal settler in Hebron. These courts are not in our favor at all. We ‎are also here to give justice to Shireen because she was murdered in cold ‎blood for doing her job.”‎

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