Mongolia –  Mongolian powder metallurgy plant is expected to compete in world markets


Location: Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia

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Dateline: 13-05-2022


Mongolia has built its first-ever European high-tech metal powder plant, with an annual capacity of 3,000 tons of powders of copper, brass, bronze, tin and other metals.

The plant was built by Steppe Metal Powder LLC in cooperation with Mongolian engineers and technicians and German experts.

The powder metallurgy plant is expected to export its products to countries and regions in high demand for metal powders, such as China, South Korea, Japan, India and the European Union.

Plant’s Technology Manager M.Chinbayar said the factory becomes an advanced technology that can be used in any field, adding that any type of metal can be ground using atomization technology.

Its Executive Director Askhar Bakyei said the factory, which was put into operation last month, faces temporary challenges of logistics. He said through powder metallurgy and 3D printing, metal powder can be used to produce high-end parts for automotive and industrial equipment.

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(SOUNDBITE):M.Chinbayar, Technology Manager of “Steppe Metal Powder” LLC

The plant itself delivers the metal to a very fine or micro level. This is similar to the concept of nanotechnology in health and other sciences. Just as we have a simple concept of metallurgy, construction, and reinforcement, our factory is making advanced metals and it is becoming an advanced technology that can be used in any field. In terms of product range, any type of metal can be ground using atomization technology. We are currently smelting copper to produce powdered copper.

(SOUNDBITE): B.Ashar, Executive Director of “Stepp Metal Powder” LLC

On April 11, 2022, we officially opened and started production. We are informal negotiations with our customers to make our first sale. The current global situation poses some challenges to the logistics of transportation. However, we see this problem as temporary.

(SOUNDBITE): B.Ashar, Executive Director of “Stepp Metal Powder” LLC

Mongolia is a mining country, but most of its products are exported in the form of ore or concentrate. Subsequent mineral processing capacity has not been much developed  in Mongolia. There is no smelter except for 2-3 SX-EW plants which produce copper cathodes. Our operation can be understood as another process route in copper value chain which adds value to Mongolia’s current export of copper products. We currently use LME Grade A copper cathodes as feed in our prodcution to achieve purity and quality that meets the requirements of international markets. Since the opening of the plant, we have been meeting companies that are interested in our products to produce automotive parts and components in Mongolia. In particular, there are companies that intend to produce brake pads in cooperation with us. It seems that we have paved the way for in-country industrial capacity for many modern metallurgical processes, such as hot isostatic pressing, metal injection molding and additive manufacturing.

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