A24 Services

  1. News Packages
  • A24 produces an average of 50 reports of scripted news packages in both Arabic and English per week. Accommodating special requests and proposing suggestions when needed, A24 presents a full suite of services, including:
  • News editing
  • Rushes
  • Graphics
  • Soundbites
  • Audios
  • Shot lists
  • Voiceovers
  • Post production
  • The reports A24 generates encompass multiple genres; from political breaking news to events pertaining to sports, art, travel, economy, entertainment and others – empowering clients to relay each story at the right time and to the right audience.


  1. Newsroom
  • The specialized A24 teams comprise news producers and journalists who delve in-depth into different topics to ensure the proper coverage of news locally, regionally and internationally. With offices in all major cities and hotspots around the world, coupled with exclusive and semi-exclusive access to conflict zones, the A24 teams are uniquely positioned to remain abreast of the latest events and happenings and are amongst the first on the scene to report news as they occur – thus granting the agency precedence in terms of gathering news.
  • Moreover, A24 leverages an extensive list of contacts compiled through years of diligent research, work and relations, which allows for securing guests on a wide range of topics.


  1. Live Studios and Production
  • Utilizing first-level technical and creative solutions, A24 is fully equipped for live studio productions with the availability of required assets for successful broadcasting by deploying skilled crews and the latest technologies.
  • Whether the project at hand is straightforward or complex, A24 facilities are capable of taking it from conception to completion, extending a wide array of services including:
  • OB vehicles
  • OB fly case
  • DSNGs and flyaway adopting the latest technologies
  • Remote studio setups and control rooms
  • Multi-camera production
  • DTL studios
  • Live positions
  • Post production services (video editing, sound mixing, 3D visualization and ADR)


  1. Event Coverage
  • Available everywhere and at any time with all production requirements, the A24 teams are capable of successfully covering scheduled events and breaking news on the local, regional and international fronts. Offered event coverage services comprise:
    • Filming and editing
    • News packages
    • Live event coverage
    • Studio setups
    • Logistics
    • Content delivery
    • Consultancy
    • Rushes


  1. Infographic Videos and Images 
  • With social media channels emerging as the dominant window for seeking and exchanging information and news, particularly among younger generations, A24 has launched a new service that presents content with a modern twist suitable for today’s fast-paced world. A24+ produces engaging and shareable content from around the globe that provokes the interests of viewers and appeals to different audiences by utilizing infographics, clipped videos and images that relay any story in a briefed manner.


  1. Archives
  • Offering organized and more accessible content for the next potential audience, A24 maintains a repository that contains over two decades worth of archives, translating to countless hours of priceless footage. This includes extensive coverage of wars, revolutions, invasions, protests and other important events.
  • The A24 state-of-the-art digital archive management system is highly secured and expertly tended to by a skilled team of archivists, who have developed the system in a manner that efficiently presents clients with an almost instantaneous access to the agency’s rich library.


  1. Documentary Production
  • To produce authentic, credible and informative documentaries that interest and inspire all types of audiences, while translating client vision, the A24 teams go through a deliberate process covering varied production stages. These include:
    • Strategy: Setting storyline and objectives
    • Pre-production: Developing narrative arc and determining necessary guidelines
    • Filming: Capturing footage using world-class equipment and highly-trained personnel
    • Post-production: Editing and adding supporting elements, such as graphics and sounds, to bring the documentary to life
    • Distribution and delivery: Extending outreach, viewership and exposure


  1. Media Monitoring
  • To empower clients with useful, relevant and timely insights and grant them the opportunity to act according to gathered information, A24 offers a comprehensive media monitoring service that allows clients to track brand mentions on television, radio, social media and online channels; harness audience data; and generate reports containing crucial elements such as locations of most receptive audiences, overall performance, viewership rates and more.