USA-Sudanese community in Washington commemorates the massacre of the leadership and the sit-in dispersal


Location: Washington -USA

Language: Arabic

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Dateline: 01-05-2022


The Sudanese community in Washington organized an event to celebrate the third anniversary of the massacre of the leadership and the dispersal of the sit-in in Sudan.

The event included speeches by some leaders and activists of the Sudanese revolution, the participation of families of those killed in the sit-in, a review of their photos, and a documentary film of the sit-in dispersal.

In their speeches, the attendees touched on the lessons learned from this bitter experience and stressed the need to unify the forces of the revolution and the need to put an end to impunity in Sudan.

They also emphasized the establishment of a new culture of freedom, peace, justice, and human rights and getting rid of totalitarian regimes and these practices that have continued since independence without any attempt to end them or punish the perpetrators.

The speakers unanimously agreed that there should be a real transformation and that the slogans of the revolution should become a tangible reality. They also discussed the difficulties that the revolution faced and is still facing.


Soundbite (Noureddin Sati – Former Sudanese ambassador to Washington:

“This is a painful memory. We all thought that we in Sudan had overcome these issues because of the December revolution but there will be more sacrifices in the future and we must be ready. We must all work to unify the forces of the revolution, and this unification requires that the anti-coup forces gather in Sudan, and we work by various means to reach what unites us all about rejecting and opposing this coup and thus creating a new reality, through which the aspirations and dreams of the Sudanese revolution are achieved.”

Soundbite  (Dr. Al-Nour Hamad – Professor at Eastern Washington Universities):

“It is the 4th anniversary of the Sudanese revolution, the street is still burning, and the military forces and the forces of the deep state are still working to impede the revolution. The revolution is facing a counter-attack that began after the massacre of the General Command and has continued. It has taken many forms, and this issue is still on its way, but this does not mean that the revolution will not continue. The revolution will continue and it is continuing in different countries at different levels and in different circumstances because each country has its own privacy and its own situation. We in Sudan are facing very big problems, you can say that there are two armies, the army of General Hemedti, which is a militia army established by President Al-Bashir, to support it against the Sudanese army, and the Sudanese army, which was a servant of the regime of President Omar al-Bashir and the Islamic movement in general. It created a rift in the Islamic movement too many.”

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