USA- Hundreds of people perform Eid prayers at Dar Al-Hijrah, Virginia


Location: Washington -USA

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:57

Voice: Natural

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Client

Dateline: 02-05-2022


The lift of the lockdown measures that were imposed in the past two years due to Covid, has led to an increase in the number of people who performed  Eid prayers in Dar Al-Hijrah, state of Virginia, where hundreds of people from different regions attended the prayers and exchanged wishes on this occasion.

People expressed their joy at the family gatherings, especially since some states and regions granted students days off during Eid, which enables them to celebrate Eid with their families.


  • Soundbite (Saif Abdul Rahman – Imam of the mosque):

“The atmosphere this year is better than last year because the spread of the virus now has lessened. People gathered in the mosque and attended the prayers. Some people are still afraid, we understand that, but many people have come to mosques, and met their families which is good. In America this year, some states started giving holidays on Eid days, and this helps students celebrate with their families.

  • Soundbite (Majdi Dahab – Worshiper):

“Eid this year is much better. We have witnessed Ramadan in a better way than in the past two years when Covid affected prayers in the mosques and Eid. As you can see, there are thousands of people who come to pray.

  • Soundbite (Khaled Zakaria – Worshiper):

“Eid this year is better than last year, people can go out and there are no masks. We are all happy. I came to Virginia to celebrate with my family this year.”

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