Iraq – Sulaimaniyah organizes traditional Dabkeh (folk dance) and other events to attract tourists in Kurdistan


Location: Sulaimaniyah – Kurdistan Region

Language: Arabic + Kurdish

Duration: 00:02:55

Source: A24 subscribers

Restrictions: A24 clients

Dateline: 15/05/2022


Sulaimaniyah is organizing events and activities showcasing the city’s culture and history to attract tourists from Iraq and other countries. The Kurdish Folklore Band organized lively performances of traditional dabkeh (folk dance), which received high praise from tourists and visitors who enjoyed the event.  


Soundbite (Dana Aziz – Event organizer):

“Salim street has become a tourist attraction, especially for Arabs. I’m glad that tourists are enjoying their time here on Friday that is the busiest day of the week.”

Soundbite (Mohammad Adnan – Tourist from Babil governorate):

“This entertainment program is to attract tourists through the wonderful performances of the folk dance band.”

Soundbite (Bassam Akram – Tourist from Baghdad):

“The events here in Sulaimnaiyah are fun, especially in Salim street. I hope all governorates organize such events to attract tourists from Iraq and other countries. Sulaimaniyah and Erbil are good destinations for tourists.”

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