Mongolia – Poor quality imported sleds pose risk for children, as injury incidents increase


Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Language: Mongolian

Duration: 00:04:43

Source: A24 subscribers

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Dateline: 02/08/2021


Skiing in Mongolia is one of the most popular sports and recreational activities in the country, and Mongolians find it a great family activity where the whole family can enjoy their time together. Nevertheless, skiers have expressed their exasperation over the poor quality of imported sleds, as they reported many incidents where their children have sustained serious injuries due to the fragile and poorly made sleds. Skiers complained that the imported sleds do not meet Mongolia’s safety standards at all.


– (Soundbite): I. Otgon, a citizen:

“On TV, I heard that Chinese sleds are dangerous. I just want to ski. However, they are afraid that the sleds imported from China are fragile and will break when hit by a rock. Last year, my younger brother broke his sled while skating. He was wounded and I had to take him to the hospital.”

– (Soundbite): M.Tengis, a citizen:

“We import and sell sleds made in China. It often freezes in the winter, crumbles and injures children. Recently, a relative’s child fell from a sled and was injured. It is interesting to identify the imported Chinese sleds. Probably, law enforcement agencies and specialized inspection agencies set sled standards and check their quality. It is better if it is checked.”

– (Soundbite): J.Munkhtsetseg, a citizen:

“Sled safety and standards do not meet Mongolian standards at all. Sleds imported from the south are expensive, but they do not value quality over price. It slips and breaks. There is a risk of children falling and getting injured. There are a lot of sleds that are broken here and there while sliding.

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