Yemen- A Yemeni Artist Transforms Rooftops into a Pieces of Art in Aden


Location: Aden – Yemen

Language: Arabic 

Voice:  natural

Duration: 00:03:19

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 10-02-2022


Ahmad Ali, a distinguished artist from Aden, employs his skills in carving cement and designing murals to turn rooftops into ancient lounges. Yemeni architecture was reflected in murals’ patterns and wall carvings in these lounges. The lounge includes carved chairs, fountains, and paintings that reflect Yemeni heritage and civilization. Ahmad is among the pioneers in transforming rooftops into a piece of art


-SOUNDBITE (Ahmad Ali Saleh – a fine artist)  

I work on creating murals on rooftops, and I also design fountains. Some customers ask me to create a lounge for family meetings on rooftops while some ask me to create these lounges inside their houses

SOUNDBITE (Bassam Saif- a citizen)

Ahmad is well-informed and he knows a lot about concrete carvings. In his artwork, he mixes cement with iron along with nice colors. With his ideas along with ours, we created a really nice lounge and it is the first of its kind in Aden.

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