Mongolia- Mongolians’ consumption of dairy products declines due to transition to settled civilization


Location: Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia

Language: Mongolian

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Agency

Restriction: A24 clients

Duration: 00:03:16

Dateline: 15-05-2022


          Mongolia has a long tradition of milk and dairy production based on its nomadic culture and a diverse range of species and dairy products.

          Mongolians’ consumption of such products declined due to a transition from a nomadic culture to a settled one but there is a tendency to recover in modern times.

          Mongolians with more than 70 million head of livestock used to process their milk and dairy products only in summer and autumn, but now they use modern technology to produce products in winter. In the past, a small number of large dairy plants nationwide produced a small number of dairy products, but now there are many small dairy plants.

          One of them is “Milk Man” LLC, which preserves traditional Mongolian milk and dairy products, traditional dairy technology, and develops its production in accordance with modern cultural and social needs.

          Ch. Bujin, the factory’s manager, said due to transition to modern civilization, the factory produces some types of dairy products that are used only in summer and delivers them to its customers throughout the four seasons of the year.

          R.Tuvshinjargal, the factory’s quality manager, emphasized that mothers want to pay more attention to the health of their young children and use yogurt and cheese.

Shot list:

 (SOUNDBITE): Ch.Bujin, Manager of “Milk Man” LLC

Our company started operating in June 2021. The reason we have to start a dairy business is that there are so many business ideas on the market today, but our consumption of dairy products has declined as a result of the transition from nomadic to settled culture. So we wanted to start this business. We can only go to a herder’s house in the countryside in the summer and eat wet drills and yogurt made from milk. Our company is unique in that it delivers its products to customers in four seasons of the year in an organic form without any additives.

 (SOUNDBITE): R.Tuvshinjargal, Quality Manager of “Milk Man” LLC

Our company makes our products in the traditional Mongolian way. The milk is boiled, make yogurt, and used to make curds. There is no waste from milk. Modern people tend to focus on their health and consume more dairy products. For example, young children eat a lot of yogurt and curds. That’s why our products are in great demand.

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