Bangladesh- Hatirjheel Water Taxi offers escape from traffic congestions


Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Language: Bengali

Sound: Natural

Duration: 00:5:25

Source: A24 Agency

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Dateline: 08.02.2022


With the stifling traffic jams in the city of Dhaka, Bengalis have started looking for new ways to escape traffic and maneuver their way to work and school. The Hatirjheel, the lakefront in Dhaka which has been transformed into a transportation medium for minimizing traffic congestion, now provides a water taxi service with a number of 15 vessels and is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport as it is found to be cost effective, quick and quiet. Since its launch in December 2016, the Hatirjheel water taxi service has become increasingly used by the Dhakaites for both commuting and for pleasure. The service has brought a significant change to the transport service in the capital and is making a huge impact on the lives of commuters living around the lake travelling.


(SOUNDBITE) Counter Master, FDC Jetty

“During office hours we suffer from rush hours – both morning and afternoon. You know this is the only lake in the Dhaka City for walking around. People tend to come for riding the boat on the lake on Fridays and days off.”

(SOUNDBITE) Happy Akhter, Medical Student

“I use the Water Taxi because it is pollution free and I live nearby so it is comfortable for me to come here during traffic hours. The scenery is great because of the natural beauty, water and lake. It’s really nice.”

(SOUNDBITE) Nazmul Hasan Sabuz, a student and part-time job holder

“I use the Water Taxi because it gives relief from city pollution and saves me time. If I use the bus it would take me a lot of time. Additionally, I can also enjoy natural beauty when I commute using the Water Taxi.”

(SOUNDBITE) Mr. Raihanul Ferdous, Chief Engineer in the Hatijheel Project

“When we first opened up the Hatirjheel project, we didn’t think about the Water Taxi to avoid traffic. But after we opened the project, we have started considering having a Water Taxi from Gulshan – FDC More, FDC – Rampura, Rampura – Police Plaza routes, which would be good for the residents of those areas. So, we initiated the Water Taxi in 2016. Around 6000-7000 passengers are using the service on a daily basis, and they all get to where they need to be in a short time, maximum 5-10 minutes.”  

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