Bangladesh – Elderly people in Bangladesh need more support


Location: Faridpur – Bangladesh

Language: Bengali

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Source: A24 

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Dateline: 12-05-2022


As their numbers grow and their family support weakens, elderly people in Bangladesh are not getting the whole protection they need.

Bangladesh has about 15 million people aged 60 and above; by 2050, their number will increase to 36 million (22 percent of the total population).

The country, now entering the intermediate stage of ageing, will reach the advanced stage in another 30-35 years. The “dependency” of older people on the economically active population will increase significantly.

The elderly are finding it challenging to meet their physiological, psychological, and social demands as a result of many changes. They are mostly vulnerable in terms of housing, food consumption, and money, as well as participation in family decision-making and societal attitudes and beliefs.

The Deputy Director of  office of Districts Social Welfare, inside the Shanti Nibas (Peace Home) complex, hailed the conditions of elderly people inside the complex but he called for more medicines for them as they become sick frequently and they need to take to the hospital.

In 1997, Bangladesh’s government established a means-tested cash assistance program for the elderly in addition to a number of other programs.

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Soundbite: Mr. A. S. M Ali Ahsan, Deputy Director, office of Districts Social Welfare, inside the Shanti Nibas (Peace Home) complex

“Presently in this Shanti Nibas (Peace Home) we have 19 old female and 04 male. This Faridpur Shati Nibas is the best in Bangladesh. Govt. provide BDT 3000 for their food and BDT 1000 for clothing, medicines and for miscellaneous expenditure. We give them food for four (04) times including one (01) time of snacks. Alhamdulillah, they are in good condition. But one thing needs to be considered. We are keeping same budget for medicines both for kids and old age staying in shelter home. Actually, older people need more medicines. They need at least BDT 3000-4000 for medicines as they become sick frequently and they need to take to the hospital. For that’s why, I think budget need to be increased in this regard.”

Soundbite:  Nur Jahan Begum, who is working as the maid in the Dormitory of the shelter home.

“I am working here as a maid. I used to take care of them as my parents. Who are bedded need to give medicines, water, if they admit in the hospital need to stay with them, even need to help them to take medicines timely after collecting from the hospital staffs. Everything I have to do. We have to help them for wearing cloths also.”

Soundbite:  Hasina Begum, sheltered woman in the home

“My name is Hasina Begum. I got married. But my husband died ten years before. I have one daughter and I was staying with her. My daughter admitted me here.”

Soundbite:  Sajjadur Rahman, sheltered man in the home

“I am here for four years. I am from Goalchamur. Have one home beside the high school and another home in Kabirpur. I have four daughters and three sons. I have come here with my own decision; they did not send me here. I am good after coming here and getting very good care. I have here mother, father, children, grand-children everything. During Pakistani rule I was working in the EPADC. Before Independence I left job. After liberation I worked in the Clothing Ministry at Bangladesh Secretariate. My sufferings start after leaving that job.”

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