Bangladesh- Roof Gardening is a hobby and means of earning.


Location: Bogura and Dhaka

Language: Bengali

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Dateline: 21.04.22


Rooftop gardening, as a hobby, in Bangladesh is an alternative way to meet the demand for plantation mainly in cities as the amount of usable land currently is decreasing in the country.

Roof gardeners from Bangladesh said the production of fresh fruits and vegetables of the rooftop garden can increase nutritional status of household members of the urban citizens and it will make a positive contribution to the environment

 They added that such a type of farming can be a source of income and it can create biodiversity in the nature, through the presence of different kinds of birds and the rarest species of insects.

Agricultural experts said the success of a rooftop garden requires a strong roof and a proper water disposal system.


Soundbite: Asif Iqbal, Roof Gardener in Sonatola in Bogura

“I started my garden in 2014-15 with 1-2 Cactus. As Cactus grow up 1-2, 2-4 and so on, gradually I felt more affectionate to Cactus and also realized the potentiality of a big garden. Than I started to collect more and more Cactus, Bonsai, different sort of flowers and decorative plants, which are generally, keep in the desk of different offices. In this way my collection of trees have been increased gradually. Now in 2022 my garden is one of the biggest in this kind. I myself also surprised now to see such a big garden of mine.”

Soundbite: Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahbub Islam, Incharge of the experimental Eco-Center and Roof Garden of Sher-E-Bangla Agricultural University

“For sustainable Roof Gardening, few points need to be known. Initially we have to be ensured by checking the strength of the roof, it has the capacity to take load of the garden and if there have any water latching or not. The roof must should have proper water disposal system. For these may consult with a Civil Engineer. If roof is old, by proper concreting, water disposal system must be cleared as the building do not be damaged. Because, if building become damage for Roof Garden, that garden will not be expected by the people.”

Soundbite: Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam, Treasurer, Sher-E-Bangla Agricultural University in Dhaka

“As hobby, one may have farm Pumpkin in Roof Garden, it is a different issue. But if anybody want to make it economically viable, a lot of issues need to be considered. Farmers after farming vegetable with huge investment in his land, some times they always can not be profitable. So for making profitable and commercially viable farming on the roof, one must have to be serious on required points like crop selection, cost minimization of the used materials etc. Farming must be horizontally not vertically. Because as space in the roof is very limited, if we use horizontal system, we will get very less space for farming. So we have to make the plan of roof gardening, after considering all the mentioned points.

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