Mongolia – A 24-hour reading room at National University of Mongolia


Location: Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia

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The library of The National University of Mongolia (NUM) decided to provide a 24-hour reading room with full services at the request of the university’s students and graduates. The library, the second largest in the country, contained more than 400,000 printed books. The six stateowned universities are open weekdays to students and ordinary citizens from 8:30am to 9:00pm with limited services. However, the 24-hour reading room is restricted to the university’s students only according to the university’s regulation that will be implemented by the 2022 end. The Library of the National University of Mongolia has adopted ISO 900:2015 international standard in the field of culture for the first time. Ch. Munkhzul, a librarian, hailed the idea, saying the reading rooms can be a great help in structuring the students’ time effectively. Molor, a second-grade student at the National University of Mongolia, said the room provides the students the right ambience to concentrate and focus on studies, mainly during the exams.

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 (SOUNDBITE): G.Tseren, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director of the Library of the National University of Mongolia

“We were the first to test a 24-hour library service in Mongolia before a domestic pandemic was reported. This time, at the request of the students and in connection with the upcoming 80th anniversary of the National University of Mongolia, we have started the activities for the students of our school 24 hours a day, starting from the 21st of this month. This service requires a lot of coordination. To do this, many arrangements are needed, such as classrooms and manpower. That’s why we set a goal to serve up to 100 people in the first place and tried to run the first floor. The week was busy and successful. On weekdays, we work from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm. People who really want to visit the library of the National University of Mongolia contact us a lot. So in response to this request, we try to serve up to 15 people a day. But it depends on the load. In addition, six state-owned schools have partnered with special days to serve students at those schools. However, only NUM students are open to the 24-hour activities.”

 (SOUNDBITE): Ch. Munkhzul, librarian

“We started working 24 hours a day after the university administration made a decision. The students are very happy and very active. We started working 24 hours a day. The number of student days is not decreasing. Students are active from 9:00 pm until midnight. After that, some students return home. The rest of the children read their books until 03.00 am and get some sleep. We will be working on a trial basis until the end of this semester.”

 (SOUNDBITE): Molor, 2nd-grade student at the National University of Mongolia

As for international libraries, we are very happy to have a 24-hour classroom service. Right now it’s exam week. During the exam week, sitting in the library rather than sitting alone at home will help you focus better. I really like our library in the city center, which is close to the school and very convenient and has everything you need.

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