Libyan Parliament discuss the national reconciliation government with Alseraj

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Chairman of the Presidential Council, Fayiz Allseraj arrived to Tobruk to attend parliament session to discuss the cabinet reshuffling of the reconciliation government.




The president of the national reconciliation government, Fayiz Alseraj and his deputies Musa Alkoni and Fathi Almujabri arrived to Tobruk to attend the parliament session to discuss the cabinet reshuffling of the government. The Parliament members headed to meet the Parliament president Aqila Saleh where Alseraj submitted the cabinet reshuffling and the parliament will hold another session to discuss the second government that has been created of the 14th of February.
On the other hand, the American strike on ISIS location in Siburata in west Libya intrigued the Libyan Parliament since it’s a first of its kind and has the biggest effect on ISIS abilities in Libya as it killed 41 and injured many members of the organization.
The parliament members confirmed that such strikes cannot happen without coordination with the General forces especially since there are experts location ISIS locations and their supply lines which in turn led to the speeding up of the creation of the government so they can coordinate directly to fight against ISIS which is the government’s main priority.



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