Many civilians dead and wounded after the Russian raids on the northern Homs

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Homs northern suburbs has been suffering from Russian strikes for more than 15 days, the strikes targeting civilians in one of the fiercest Russian campaigns in the region.




The Russian strikes have been bombing northern Homs Suburbs in Syria for the last 15 days in one of the fiercest campaigns the suburbs have witnessed for the last 5 years. The strikes start at midnight until sunrise.
The Russians are using cluster bombs that are internationally forbidden and the daily strikes reach up to 20 strikes on innocent civilians creating massacres.
The last massacre was on Alghanto as the bombed them with 3 consecutive strikes killing women and children mostly.
Northern Homs Suburbs have been under a siege for months increasing the human suffering in the region and in Alghanto especially since they are under the fiercest strikes with shells and missile due to the nearby towns under the regime control.



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