Mass march resisting the separation wall in the Palestinian village of Bil’in

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The Popular Committee Against the separation wall in the Palestinian village of Bil’in organized a protest involving hundreds of participants, factional leaders and foreign activists and Israeli peace activists, to mark the 11th anniversary of the popular resistance outbreak against the wall in the village, which resulted in injuries after clashes between the demonstrators and the forces of the Zionist entity.




The Popular Committee against the Separation and settlement of the wall in the Palestinian village of Bil’in celebrated the 11th anniversary of the outbreak of popular resistance against the separation fence with factional leaders and foreign and Israeli peace activists, demanding the restoration of usurped land from the village and the demolition of the wall as a key requirement.

The march came to protest the Settlement crawl witnessed in the village of Bil’in, where hundreds of units of settlement are built in “Kiryat Sefer” built on the village and neighboring villages territory, but Israeli forces pushed a large military reinforcements and dozens of soldiers on the separation barrier along, where they released gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets, and targeted foreign journalists and activists.

The Zionist entity had established a separation wall on village land in 2005 to confiscate thousands of acres, where villagers were able to restore thousands acres of land in the western region, after the decision of The Hague International Court



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