Palestine – Israeli shelling kills young artist in her home in Gaza


Location: Gaza – Palestine

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:31

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Gaza

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 09/08/ 2022


22 year-old Palestinian artist and painter, Dunyana Al-Amour, did not expect the studio that was her safe space to become her dying place. Israeli army during its recent attack on Gaza, targetedAl-Amour family home, located near the border area with Israel. Dunyana’s entire family was inside the house when the shell landed right in her studio, destroying it completely and injuring Dunyana severely. Her family members were unable to reach her, as they were under heavy fire from Israeli army after the shelling.

A family member of Dunyana’s told A24 that they survived thanks to divine intervention, as their rooms were far from where the shells landed; Dunyana’s mother and sister were preparing bread in an adjacent room while her younger siblings were watching TV in another room.

Another family member told A24 that Dunyana’s dream was to continue her studies in art, and show the world her paintings that expressed many artistic topics and depicted her daily life in Palestine. He said she loved painting and art; she attached a phrase to every piece she made to convey its meaning. He said that Dunyana was an artist, she did not hold weapons; she did not commit any act for which she should be punished, she just wanted to express herself through her art.


– Soundbite (Abu Ahmed Al-Amour – Family member):

“All family members were in the house, Dunyana was in her room, preparing for afternoon prayer, when a shell suddenly landed killing her instantly. There was no way to save her as the shelling was followed by heavy fire and no one was able to reach her. The rest of the family survived; her mother and pregnant sister were in an adjacent room baking, while the young children were watching TV in a room far from the place of the shelling.”

– Soundbite (Hindi Al-Amour – Family member):

“Dunyana loved painting and art. Her dream was to continue her studies in art so she can show the world her paintings. She expressed her thoughts through her paintings. She attached a phrase to every piece she made to convey its meaning. She wanted the world to see her through her art. She did not commit any act for which she should be punished. She just wanted to paint and express herself.”

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