Palestine – Gaza holds exhibition to recycle waste and turn it into masterpieces


Location: Khan Yunis, Gaza, Palestine

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:04:42

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Gaza

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 27/09/2022


The Nawar Educational Center of the Association for Culture and Free Thought in Gaza launched an initiative themed “Recycle it to be more beautiful”, which aims to recycle household and other environmental waste and turn it into masterpieces and paintings that can be used to decorate homes and public places. The type of waste targeted by the initiative includes damaged rubber tires, cardboard, notebook paper, textbooks, nylon, plastic packages, wooden sticks, empty cans, damaged cloth, and other types of waste. Participants in the initiative turned these damaged into beautiful masterpieces, paintings, and chairs used as decorative artifacts inside homes.

Shot list:

Soundbite (Maryam Zaqout – General Director of the Culture And Free Thought Association (CFTA)):

“Recycling should spread in Palestinian society, especially since we live in very harsh conditions, such as the blockade and repeated Israeli attacks on the Strip in which we constantly lose things. We have recycled a lot of waste, from worn-out used things to beautiful things, which can be used in homes. That is what defines us as a Palestinian community. We don’t have resources, but we have brains.”

Soundbite (Fida Al-Bayoumi – a citizen participating in the initiative):

“Among the damaged things I started recycling were the twine I turned into macrame and newspapers into baskets. I turned some stones and seashells into waterfalls and made an organizer for my girls’ accessories out of cardboard. I also made use of old textbooks and turned them into pretty vases.”

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