Failed Security and Economic pressure is behind the government changes in Tunisia.

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The new expected ministries of Nida’a Tunisia with the participation of a number of parties including the opposition after a meeting of the prime minister Alhabib Alsayid and party leaders to discuss the ministerial shuffling expected at the end of february.





The Tunisian Prime minister Alhabib Alsayid started discussions with parties leaders to decide the components of his new government as he announced infront of the Tunisian parliament amid the criticism the government received.
Alhabib confirmed the discussions is not with the Quad ruling coalition only but includes the opposition parties.
The Government president met with Mr. Rashid Alghanoushi the head of Alnahda movement party and other parties leaders who approved on the sharing of Competencies in the government despite the different parties they follow for the benefit of the state.
The expected reshuffling of ministries will be announced soon


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