Tunisia: A cultural café that brings together art, calligraphy and music in one place


تونس: كريم ينشئ مقهى ثقافي يجمع الفن والخط والموسيقى بمكان واحد

Location: Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Sound: Natural

Source: A24 in Tunisia

Restrictions:  A24 subscribers

Date: 20- 11-2023



Karim, a thirty-year-old graduate in Fine Arts, has been passionate about painting and Arabic calligraphy since a young age. He never wanted his work to be detached from his love for art. Seeking the unwavering support of his family, Karim embarked on opening an artistic business, not the first in Tunisia, but arguably the most beautiful, housing a treasure trove of passionately drawn paintings.


Learning the art of drawing and Arabic calligraphy from his siblings at an early age, Karim began selling his paintings to fund the purchase of art supplies. Today, he creates paintings of international figures displayed in his dedicated corner, blending the aroma of coffee with the artist’s brush.


Karim’s dream expanded beyond personal endeavors as he started teaching children, alongside their families, the art of drawing. His cafe, named “Artists’ Café,” attracts numerous Tunisian artists.



Karim – Cafe Owner:

Karim Brahem, aged thirty, a graduate in Fine Arts. Art has been a love affair since childhood, influenced by siblings involved in painting and Arabic calligraphy. My works have evolved, showcased in America and Canada.


“I presented my works to people, and they loved them. Now, I teach children how to draw.”


My family encouraged me. Since childhood, I sold paintings to buy art supplies, progressing to painting on clothes and furniture, even reviving old chairs.


Ibrahim (Karim’s father):

“I tried my best to help my son Karim establish this project, combining commerce and art.”


Karim’s Mother:

“Karim followed my older children from a young age, learning from them the arts of drawing and calligraphy.”


Karim – Cafe Owner:

“Artists gather here—singers, writers, painters, and musicians. This space is exclusively for artists.”


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