Tunis: A protest in support of the Palestinian cause organized by a group of Tunisian parties


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Today, the National Committee for Supporting the Resistance and a group of Tunisian parties organized a protest to support the Palestinian cause. The protesters demanded the necessity of supporting the resistance and uniting the Arab ranks to stand up to the occupying entity. They also demanded the necessity of stopping the war on Gaza and holding the entity accountable for the crimes committed against the children and women of Gaza.


Monji Al-Rahoui: politician and member of the Patriotic Democratic Party

The Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people have proven that they are indeed capable of refuting the myth of the undefeated army and all the tyranny and power that they support. The Zionist military machine has brought down the Western alliance, and there is a massive rise of the free people of the world and its youth against those who conspire, those who remain silent, those who are biased, financiers and supporters of this Israeli entity, now. Movements take place in all capitals denouncing the bias of these countries towards the Zionist entity and to stop this collective war against the defenseless Palestinian people.

Mohamed Mselini: journalist and political activist
The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People coincides with the great achievements made by the resistance in confronting the machine of the Zionist enemy and those who ally with it. This is the minimum that we can do is to stand up and tell this world that this nation is resisting, will resist, and will not lay down arms, and now the resistance in Palestine is resisting on behalf of the Palestinian people. For the nation with weapons, but the nation also resists with stance, pen and word.

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