“Youth Clubs” role in reducing terrorism phenomenon in Tunisia

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“Youth Clubs” are important institutions of the Tunisian community amid the appearance of terrorist intruders among the community, which led the Ministry of Youth and Sports to increase the cultural awareness work via those houses.





The Tunisian ministry of Youth and Sports allocated a budget for the cultural clubs in the inner circles of the Tunisian community to reduce attraction of Youth to the terrorists’ world and to enable the young Tunisians to spend free time in a useful atmosphere.

The counter terrorism is not only by security and military work; it includes cultural activities as well by the creation of “Youth houses” to provide entertainment and sports activities reducing the uncertainty of the young Tunisians regarding the social and economical situation. The Ministry of Youth and sports are starting a youth project under the name “Young Ambassadors against terrorism” to encourage the young people to participate in cultural work which distance them from the terrorist and extreme thoughts and change their views to the community.


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