Spokesperson for SDF denies advancement of troops towards Alraqa

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General Talal Slou, the official spokesperson of the Democratic Syria forces denied what the media has been stating that the forces are moving towards Alraqa city.





General Talal Slou Statement (Official spokesperson of the Democratic Syria forces):

“We liberated many villages to create a security space and to protect the forces present at Tishrin Dam and we clarified that the distance is 7-10 Km. Regarding our advancement towards Alraqa, this is for the general leadership of Democratic Syria forces to decide and the operations will be huge and it will not be stated by the number of liberated villages around the Dam.

These villages are out of the control of our forces and it is vacated due to the battles and there was a little number of ISIS members there and the majority was surrounding the Dam and we were able to defeat them.”



To download the video here 

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