Syria – Syrian National Army control of Mazraa Prison


Location: Mazraa Prison – Northern Syria

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:04

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in northern Syria

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 10/12/2022


Arab 24 correspondent wanders inside a Syrian National Army affiliated prison, notorious for subjecting prisoners to various forms of torture.

Third Corps, at dawn Tuesday, took control of all headquarters of Hamza Division in Al-Bab city, after elements affiliated with the “brigade” admitted their involvement in the assassination of activist Muhammad Abdul Latif (Abu Ghannoum).

According to sources, Third Corps, after clashes with members of Hamza Division, took control of the “Military College” activists named (College of Martyr Abu Ghannoum), and the “Agriculture School” located at the southwestern entrance of Al-Bab.

Pictures of inside notorious “Mazraa Prison” in Al-Bab, which Hamza Division turned into security headquarters, show the place has individual prison cells. Activists in the city described the security headquarters as “cemeteries, because of what it witnessed of tortures of civilians and activists.”

According to local sources, “Mazraa Prison” includes dozens of prisoners accused of affiliating with the Islamic State (ISIS) or Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in addition to civilian detainees, all of whom are subjected to highly inhumane treatment and conditions.


– Soundbite (Khaled Afora – Prominent figure of Al-Bab):

“After a difficult night for the city of Al-Bab, Third Corps took over the Military College, and security headquarters “Agricultural School” affiliated with Hamza Division, after it was proven that leaders of the division were directly involved in the murder of martyr Muhammad Abu Ghannoum.”

– Soundbite – (Ammar Nassar – Media activist in Al-Bab):

“We are now in the previous headquarters of “Agriculture School”, which turned into a center for Syrian National Army after the liberation of the city from ISIS, specifically this school was for the Hamza Division. After the uncovering of the killers of martyr Muhammad Abu Ghannoum and his family, who were security officials of the school, Third Corps carried out a clearing mission of this school. Third Corps is currently communicating with civil and revolutionary activities in order to hand them over for the school to return as a service institution, not a military one.”

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