The cave of “The People of the Cave” is a religious tourist attraction in Jordan

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The “Caveman” cave is in the eastern side of the Jordanian capital. It is known with the name Alraqeem and Alraheeb and has been discovered in 1963 by the Jordanian Archaeologist Rafeeq Wafa Aldajani.





In a Byzantine Cemetery in Abu Alanda of the Jordanian Capital lies the Caveman cave which is an important religious site and is mentioned in Quran and it is the place of the Caveman who believed in God and left idolatry and they escaped from the tyranny of King Dkienos and hibernated for a period of 309 years.

The cave contains a main room leading to three spaces in the east and west which leads to 7 stone tombs decorated with architectural designs. There are also two ancient mosques one above the cave and the other in the front yard.



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