Tunisia – July 25 movement demands to dissolve Ennahda Movement


Location: Tunis, Tunisia
Language: Arabic
Duration: 00:04:01
Voice: Natural
Source: A24 Tunisia
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Date: 15/06/2022


The July 25 movement hold a conference today Wednesday in the capital city of Tunisia, Tunis, to reiterate their demands for the dissolution of The Ennahda Movement and holding leadership accountable. The spokesperson for the movement, Mukhtar Khalifi, accused the Ennahda Movement of being responsible for the crises Tunisia is undergoing after 10 years of ruling the country. Supporters of the movement continue their protests on Avenue Habib Bourguiba, the central thoroughfare of Tunis, demanding accountability for the leaders of the Ennahda, as they are responsible for the assassinations in the country.

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Soundbite (Mukhtar Khalifi – Spokesperson for the July 25 movement):
“The July 25 movement leader continues to reiterate demands for the dissolution of The Ennahda Movement. We believe the license under which The Ennahda Movement operates is illegal. Rashid Ghannouchi, a sponsor of terrorism, received after returning from Britain the license that was prepared while he was abroad, which is illegal. We are here to demand justice for the people of Tunisia who suffered at the hands of The Ennahda Movement that destroyed the country and killed military and security personnel in Tunisia.”

Soundbite ( Ahmad Karkuki – Lawyer):
“The Ennahda Movement continued its destruction of the country for 10 years. The revolution in 2011 adopted the demands of the people but betrayed them. Therefore, this movement should be criminalized and dissolved. It should be eliminated without a chance to return and commit acts against the rights of the people.”

Soundbite (Saeed Arus – Civil society activist
“It is clear that The Ennahda Movement is a terrorist movement and the cause of terrorist acts and political assassinations that took place in Tunisia. The report of the Court of Audit has proven that it receives massive financial amounts from abroad as it relies on foreign funding and dirty money. It is necessary to dissolve it as soon as possible.”
Soundbite (Tarek Tanfus – Tunisian Citizen):
“I’m in favor of the dissolution of The Ennahda Movement because it is a terrorist movement, as history has proven. Even though The Ennahda Movement has Tunisian members who joined after 2011, I am against this movement as it is a destructive force working against Tunisia and its people.”

Soundbite (Fathi Shareet – Tunisian Citizen
The Ennahda Movement turned the people against it. In the period between 2012 and 2013, people were in support of the movement, believing it was a religious political party that aims to help the country. However, the movement caused Tunisia and its people harm instead, and should therefore be held accountable for its wrongdoings.”

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