Iraq – Farmer from Sulaymaniyah produces highly productive hybrid chicken breed


Location: Sulaymaniyah- Iraq
Language: Arabic + Kurdish
Duration: 00:03:28
Sound: Natural
Source: A24 in Sulaymaniyah
Restrictions: A24 Subscribers
Date: 14/06/ 2022


A farmer from the town of Chamchamal, west of the city of Sulaimaniya, succeeds in producing a new chicken breed with a higher production potential of eggs and meat.

Jamal Karbanjeh tells A24 News Agency that the new breed, that weighs twice as much as original chicken breed and produces three times the amount of eggs, is a result of mating between a local rooster known as Shami and two types of local chickens.

Jamal, who is currently conducting a research on the new breed, says he hopes to succeed in breeding hybrid chickens that can adapt to hot and cold weather, so he can export them abroad.

Local expert Bahjat Tayfur also speaks to A24 and hails Jamal’s project as a good step for increasing animal production.

He urged government agencies, especially the faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture at the University of Sulaimaniya, to offer scientific and financial support for the project.


Soundbite (Jamal Karbanjeh – Farmer):
“I wanted to increase production of meat and eggs by cross-breeding two local chickens with a local Shami rooster to produce a new breed, in which roosters weigh five kilos, chickens weigh three and a half kilos, and egg production has an increase of fifty eggs. I have produced fifty hybrid chickens and roosters so far.”

Soundbite (Jamal Karbanjeh – Farmer):
“Through this project, I hope to produce a new breed of Iraqi chicken that I can export abroad, and benefit from locally to increase meat production by feeding chickens local fodder, including wheat and barley, and producing a breed that can adapt to hot and cold weather.”

Soundbite (Bahjat Tayfur – agricultural and animal expert):
“Jamal did a cross-breeding between local Shami rooster and local Kurdish chickens, and produced a new breed that is more productive than original breeds. Hybridizing local breeds is a good method to increase production of eggs and meat above the current rate. Such project needs scientific and financial support, which I hope government agencies provide including University of Sulaymaniyah School of Veterinary Medicine and School of Agriculture, especially the Department of Animal Production.”

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