Tunisia – Tunisians reject labor union calls for strike


Location: Tunis, Tunisia
Language: Arabic
Duration: 00:04:39
Voice: Natural
Source: A24 Tunisia
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Date: 15/06/2022


Many Tunisian people voiced dismay at the Tunisian General Labor Union’s (UGTT) calls for a nationwide public sector strike on June 16. They said that it would lead to great losses to the country and cause disruptions to various services and business operations, adding that it is not the appropriate time for striking. Supporters of the 25 July movement called on citizens not to join in the public strike.

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Soundbite (Salwa – Elementary school teacher):
“This is not the time for a strike, especially amid the current social and economic conditions of the country. People need to postpone their demands because there are more important issues that should be given priority. If each and every person insisted to prioritize their demands, the conditions will deteriorate further.”

Soundbite (Mohamed Hasan – Tunisian man):
“I go against the strike because it is not the time for it. Looking back at the history, such people (who struck) caused the events of 26th January 1978 in Tunisia. Bourguiba then said that people have the right to strike, but that does not mean striking 20 times in one day. This threatens the economic situation and will affect the people of Tunisia as institutions, such as hospitals, will be closed. “

Soundbite (Walid Alshaabi – Tunisian man):
“We all know that the country is undergoing hard conditions in terms of the budget, political affiliations, and administrative status. The presence of Brotherhood parties before has exacerbated the situation. Strikes adversely affect the public.”

Soundbite (Fathi Omar – Tunisian man):
“We call on the labor union to take into account the country’s conditions. This is not the time for a strike. You, as a union, should wait until the country is reformed.

Soundbite (Abdel Razzak Khelouli – Tunisian lawyer):
“This is an illegal and pointless strike. It was organized at the wrong time as the country is on the brink of bankruptcy and its budget is unbalanced.”

Soundbite (Kamel Hourrabi – secretary-general of the 25 July Movement):
“It is the General Labor Union that should maintain the social equilibrium. Some union members are against the strike, according to the media. We call on these members not to join this political strike that will lead to budget deficits.”

Soundbite (Reem Salman – a doctor):
“When striking, the standard of living of Tunisians and how they are unable to meet their basic needs must be taken into account. The people of Tunisia should join hands to eliminate this strike.”
Shots of the labor union

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