Palestine – Couple from Gaza starts home-baked bread business to support their family.


Location: Gaza – Palestine

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:35

Source: A24 subscribers

Restrictions: A24 clients

Dateline: 26/04/2022


Failing to find a job to support his family of five, 30 year old Islam from Gaza started a home-baked bread business with his wife Eman under the name “Our Home Bread” as a means to overcome the difficult living condition. The bread made by the couple is different than store bought bread, it has a home-made quality that customers love. The couple started with baking a 100 loaf of bread, their business took off after advertising on social media and the amount of bread produced has multiplied. The couple is having great trouble with the lack of equipment that Eman is suffering wrist pain from kneading in addition to the constant blackouts. Their determination however to continue moving forward in this business has secured the livelihood of their family.


Soundbite (Islam Al-Jamal – Business owner):

            “I tried to find a job many times asking shops to hire me but to no avail. I came up with the idea to start this business with my wife baking and selling pitta bread from home. Home-baked bread is more popular in Gaza than store bought bread. This business is a means to make a living to support my family of five.”

Soundbite (Eman Al-Jamal – Business owner):

            “The idea occurred to us while browsing Facebook, I suggested to my husband we bake bread or pastries, we found that bread is more popular. Our home-baked bread is different from store bought bread. We started with baking a 100 loaf of bread and the business took off after advertising on social media. My husband prepares the flour that is then sifted, kneaded, thinned and baked. We struggle with the blackouts that occur at random times. We bake whenever electricity is available.”

Soundbite (Islam Al-Jamal – Business owner):

            “We started this business in order to support our family. My wife put in the most effort kneading is the most difficult step of making bread. We work together on cutting and thinning the dough. Some customers contact us and come pickup their bread up while others ask for it to be delivered to their home. I make the deliveries on a bicycle.”

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