Iraq – Political crisis remains unchanged, requests for dissolution of parliament


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

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Dateline: 26/04/2022


Several initiatives to resolve the political fragmentation after the announcement of election results and largest bloc have faltered. There is still political uncertainty in resolving this crisis despite attempts to bring closer Muqtada al-Sadr and the Coordination Framework. New political blocs called for the dissolution of the current parliament and holding new elections that would eventually lead to resolving issues afflicting the country.


Soundbite (Omed Mohammed – MP in the Iraqi parliament from the New Generation Movement):

            “We call for the presidency to punish anyone who commits political interference in Iraqi parliament, such as members of parliament not attending the sitting. We called for the dissolution of parliament through a petition. Parliament should not be involved in political fragmentation and conflict, it should prioritize the well-being of citizens.”

Soundbite (Adnan Al-Sarraj – Member of The State of Law Coalition):

            “The Coordination Framework is attempting with much effort to reach agreement with Sadrist Movement to no avail. Other political forces (Kurdish, Sunni and Shiia) are restless over this political crisis. There is a plan by independent political forces that aligns with Al-Hakim initiative and Coordination framework initiative but has not been implemented by Kurdish and Sunni political forces who have only made empty promises and failed to comply with regards to holding next parliamentary sitting.

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