Lebanon – Protest in Beirut against capital control law


Location: Beirut – Lebanon

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:02:59

Source: A24 subscribers

Restrictions: A24 clients

Dateline: 26/04/2022


Hundreds of Lebanese citizens gathered on Monday and Tuesday outside parliament in Beirut Central District in a protest against the capital control law. The protest coincides with the parliamentary sitting to discuss approving the law. The protesters held sign condemning the political, financial and banking group. Protesters included members of liberal professions and syndicates as well as depositors. The capital control law aims to implement temporary special controls on bank transfers and withdrawals restricting bank transactions of individuals and companies.


Soundbite (Protester):

            “The protest today is against the capital control law that is to be discussed by parliament. This law acquits banks and bankers of crimes committed in relation to confiscating depositors’ money.”

Soundbite (Protester):

            “This is our third protest against the capital control law, which legally permits banks to steal our money. This law should not be approved.”

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