Mongolia – ‘Below + Me’ exhibition sheds light on youth psychological issues


Location: Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia

Language: Mongolian

Voice: Natural


Source: A24

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Dateline: 23-02-2022


The “Below + Me” exhibition is a contemporary art expo that sheds light on the psychological issues facing young Mongolians by a young artist named Ts. Anadari under the motto “Don’t touch the circle of others. The exhibition is the first of its kind in Mongolia and features a single artist in an area of ​​2,100 square meters. In addition, the exhibition has the advantage of providing free psychological counseling to visitors. The exhibition will run for 3-5 years and will focus on the mental health of young people. Ts. Tsendpurev, the exhibition curator, said that men, especially the young, are not open about their feelings and problems. Their problems get worse as they get older, affecting their health and mental wellbeing. Tsendpurev said that some would turn to violence whereas some would commit suicide. In Mongolia, men commit suicide almost three times higher than women, he added.

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(SOUNDBITE): Ts. Tsendpurev, the exhibition curator

“Another highlight of the exhibition was the desire to maintain gender equality rather than violence against women. Men, especially young boys, do not tell their parents or friends about their problems. So you grow up hiding what happened to you. This problem gets worse as he gets older. Then, they come out with different behaviors. They are committing domestic violence. The most severe form is suicide. In Mongolia, men commit suicide almost three times higher than women. They make this decision because they do not talk to a professional. Psychologists give us advice in this exhibition. Because you always have a way out. I want them to understand that no matter how difficult the situation is; there is a way out. The science of psychology is developing very well in the world. There is a government organization in our country called the Mental Health Center to help you. There are also a variety of online applications that can be used to connect you with a psychologist. Therefore, I would like to urge you to seek professional advice and not to aggravate your psychological problems.”

(SOUNDBITE): T. Erdenetuya, an art researcher and artist

“The concept of the exhibition of the young artist Anu-dari addresses a very important issue facing our society. In addressing this issue, he was very good at developing the language and space with his curator, which are the most important indicators of contemporary art. It uses a lot of space and goes through a long corridor, but the elements that are going to be shown are arranged in a way that creates a lot of anticipation by suddenly appearing. For example, in a traditional exhibition, we enter a large hall and get general information. But the opening of the exhibition goes through a long tunnel, and then a surprise message appears, from which you can expect to receive the next message, and then be able to get a full range of information until further exit. Also, the color match is very well used. The classic color that touches the human psyche is dark red, with white in the middle. The performance in black and red seems to have used techniques that have a very strong effect on the human psyche.”

(SOUNDBITE): Anudari, an artist

“The “Below + Me” exhibition I am presenting addresses the mental health of the younger generation through contemporary art. This exhibition is a project to be implemented over 3-5 years. This exhibition is originating in Mongolia.”

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