Tunisia -Tunisia hosts conference for digital economies’ transformation in Africa


Location: Tunis

Language: Arabic

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 24-02-2022


Tunisia is set to host within days the Libyan-Tunisian-Algerian conference on the transformation toward free and digital economies in Africa. The conference will bring together top officials and representatives from the public and private sectors in a bid to further boost the role of free and digital economies in the continent. It will also allow the three countries to build new seaports and create new investment opportunities as they overlook the Mediterranean Sea. Organizers called for setting up a new autonomous market in Africa for marketing various products.

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-(SOUNDBITE) Dr. Yaseen Abu Sreiweel- conference chairman:

“Our main focus in the forthcoming trilateral conference will be on the economic side as well as the importance of free trade and digital economies. The conference will also discuss the incorporation of   Information technologies into economies. This is crucial in this day and age when the whole world is dependent on digital economies in the fields of trade, transport and logistics. The necessity for adopting digital economies has never been required especially now after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.’’

-(SOUNDBITE) Dr. Abdulsamee’a Amer, Head of the preparatory panel of the conference :

‘’ It is obvious that the African Market now is so promising that prompted some of the world’s major countries to fight for a market share in it. Therefore, we as Africans who belong to and are affiliated with our continent should be given the priority to be more engaged in this African Market. The conference will bring together representatives from the public and private sectors of the three countries who will draft the necessary legislation and policies to this end. This will pave a way for banks to fund projects and stimulate investments.   We know there is now what is called cross-border trade in Africa and across North African countries in particular but this cross-border trade still needs more refinement and improvement.’’

-(SOUNDBITE) Mariam Hummami, Head of communication of the conference:

‘’The main goal of the conference is to find ways that could facilitate the transformation toward digital economies between African nations. Today as digital currencies such as Bitcoin and other digital currencies are being adopted in some countries, we still face problems in Africa with electronic transactions or purchasing online products in African countries. This is a result of the already existing financial policies that obviously hinder the progression of our economies. We will try to bring the concerned parties together in this conference so that we could build more powerful economies for the benefit of our African nations.’’

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