Palestine – Abu Iyad’s herb house, 80 years of history in Ramallah

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Ramallah – Palestine  12/12/2020

The people of Ramallah come from different neighborhoods to the herb house, established in Ramallah in 1940 by the 70-year old Hussam Khalaf, known as Abu Iyad, who is one of Saleh Khalaf’s sons, the founder of the first herb house in Ramallah 80 years ago.  He seeks to preserve the famous reputation of the house which has become one of the most prominent marks of old Ramallah and customers come from different villages in the city.  The most prominent features of the Abu Iyad herb house are its old walls, traditional shelves, and the smell of herbs all around. It was preserved by the new generations preserving the same name, place, tools, and machinery.


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