Tunisia- Farmer develops a wheat grain to produce 194 spikes and give the country food security

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Manouba – Tunisia 29/06/2020

Tunisian farmer Hassan Al-Shatiwi, who owns a farming estate in The Tower of Ameri in the province of Manouba in northern Tunisia, developed a grain of wheat to produce 194 spikes, as his practical experience in the land and his intimate relationship with wheat and barley made him a leader in the field of local seeds, Al-Shatiwi stressed that the unique Tunisian wheat grain, which he called “Habbat al-baraka”, can give the country food security, Al-Shatiwi has been working for nearly 25 years to collect rare and lost Tunisian wheat grains and plant them in his fields to preserve and liberate the large crops from importation and hybrid seeds, which have become a threat to Tunisian food security because of their poor returns, farmer hassan stressed that if this type of wheat grain is exploited and taken care of, it will be a way out for Tunisia and the Arab world to lower their the food dependency on European countries, adding that the agriculture sector is one of the pillars of the economy and must be taken care of and developed.

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