Syria – ISIS inmates riot in Al-Sina’a Prison “Exclusive scenes”

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Gweran Neighborhood – Al-Hasakah Governorate – Syria 30/06/2020

Al-Sina’a Prison, which includes detainees of ISIS operatives in the Ghweran neighborhood in Al-Hasakah, has witnessed a rebellion by ISIS prisoners that started from Monday afternoon and is still continuing until the present time, the SDF anti-terror and riot forces intervened to disobey, without the coalition forces having a role in controlling the insurrection, with the exception of helicopters flying over the prison. The security forces deployed and cordoned off the prison from all sides in anticipation of any emergency, it also prevented civilians from passing through the streets adjacent to the prison, a source told Arab 24 that a number of the organization’s members had been targeted by the security forces and had been killed or wounded, while conditions were still not calm inside the prison until the early morning hours, this stubbornness is the third of its kind in a period of two months after the organization’s members broke the doors and opened the walls of the dormitories on each other.

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