Iraq- The Iranian government is losing control of the country and some families are selling their kids for a bunch of money

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Sulaimaniyah – Kurdistan Region – Iraq 29/06/2020

After poverty out broke in their country and destroyed people’s hopes, many Iranian families resorted to offering their children for sale on websites and on social media to meet a handful of dollars, because of the difficult living and economic conditions that affected the lives of citizens inside Iran, such as U.S. sanctions, the deterioration of Iranian currency prices against foreign currencies, widespread unemployment, and the outbreak of drugs and other thing, where Iran ranked third among countries with the worst criminals of human trafficking, according to the Director of the Center for Democracy Development and human rights, Awat Mohammad, said that human trafficking is an organized crime in Iran and there are many countries afraid of it because it is organized in a way that even the Government and the Iranian authorities are not able to prevent and control, he added, that Iran should take the decision to prevent this phenomenon and carry out economic and social reforms to enable families to raise their children and not to offer them for sale.

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