Bahrain- Analysts: The Iranian regime is seen today as the gateway to world terrorism

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Manama – Bahrain 01/06/2020

Analysts pointed out that the Iranian authorities continue to follow in their domestic and foreign policy the old approach taken since their arrival in power in 1979 from killing and exporting blood and guns to various countries of the region, stressing that the threat of the Iranian Minister of Defense, Amir Hatemi, to the Gulf states and their regimes is nothing more than an attempt to export fear phobia to the countries of the region in general, and to convey a picture contrary to the truth about the Iranian regime, that it is a strong regime and a system capable of interfering in the affairs of other countries and terrorize them, they added that Iran’s policy is merely a media scandal that does not go beyond the fact that it is no more or less than just talking, and that the Iranian regime is a system that contains a group of devils, bandits and murderers, and a system that is not universally recognized in many countries of the world and is seen today as the gateway to world terrorism.

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