2nd phase of Forever Green agricultural campaign kicks off in Bahrain


The National Initiative for Agricultural Development in Bahrain announced the completion of the first phase of the national afforestation campaign, by planting about 49,000 trees and shrubs on an area of 73,000 square meters and 23,000 linear meters.

The Forever Green campaign was able to complete 34 agricultural projects in various governorates of the Kingdom in a short period, in cooperation with the Ministry of Works and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture. and the Supreme Council for the Environment.

The Secretary-General of the agricultural initiative, Maram bint Isa Al Khalifa, told A24 that the campaign was launched according to a plan developed from the first day of the launch based on certain criteria to include the afforestation of 27 sites in various cities and governorates of the Kingdom.

The increase in the number of sites came as a result of the campaign receiving many requests from different sectors to participate in many sites within the first phase, which led to an increase of about 26%.

This reflects the great sense of patriotism and responsibility enjoyed by private and civil sector institutions towards society.

Gulf national and professional personalities praised this initiative, which unites everyone in light of a promising future for Bahrain and the Gulf region, as they put it.

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  • Soundbite (Sheikha Maram bint Isa Al Khalifa – Secretary General of the National Initiative for Agricultural Development):
    ” Forever Green in the Kingdom of Bahrain is a national campaign to increase green spaces and mitigate the effects of climate change. It is implemented in cooperation with municipalities and the Bahraini Ministry of Environment. We are now in the second phase of the afforestation campaign, which has received a truly positive and remarkable response. We thank the private and public sectors for their efforts in facilitating the Forever Green initiative. A door has been opened for communication with all educational and professional institutions to participate in the campaign.

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