Syria – Implications of the imposition of “Caesar” sanctions on northeastern Syria

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Qamishli – Hasaka – Syria 01/06/2020

As the U.S. imposes “Caesar” sanctions on Syria, the Syrian pound continues to depreciate against the U.S. dollar, adversely affecting markets and living standards in cities in northeastern Syria.NES formed a cell of economic crisis to face the repercussions of caesar law if it is imposed on the Syrian regime and those dealing with it, and one of the tasks of this cell is to support the local production and work to encourage it in the first place.Observers believe that the negative effects of the sanctions should cast a shadow on the cities of northeastern Syria despite the statements of the United States to except northeast Syria from these sanctions, due to the association of the North of Syria in financial and commercial dealings, and others believe that the main goal of imposing sanctions on the Syrian regime is to draw a new map for the future of Syria in the next stage and pressure it to comply with the demands of the international community in order to find a solution to the Syrian affair.

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