Tunisia: Tunisia starts a Business Salon

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The second session of the business salon was opened in the Tunisian capital Tunis entitled by: “My project is my future”, and the salon represents an opportunity to come together and exchange experiences in the field of projects between major institutions in the Tunisian market and people who search for jobs or entrepreneurs.

Under the supervision of the Tunisian Labour Minister Ziad Athari, a business salon was opened and entitled by: “My project is my future”. The salon is an opportunity for young people off small projects to promote their products and to put the difficulties that they face. It is also a space for young people who have ideas and proposals for projects to enable them identify it and propose it to specialists to study its effectiveness and how it could be applied in reality.

The Labour Minister confirmed that the state encourages projects in the private sector and encourages young people to depend on their own abilities, adding that the state has developed a plan to finance micro-projects in order to reduce the unemployment rate and the revitalization of the economic cycle and to enable young people to join the labor market, this saloon displayed some products crafts and services projects, as this saloon recorded the attendance of some professional structures and project finance institutions and composition of young promoters according to their specialities, and the works of this salon continue until May 12.


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