Iraq: The development of the Iraqi-European relations.

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EU Ambassador Patricks Simon stressed in an interview with Arab24 the importance of the role that the European Union plays in Iraq through its job in developing relations of security, political and economic aspects and commercial exchanges.

EU Ambassador Simon Patricks explained that his job in Baghdad is to build and develop good relations in security, political and economic aspects and commercial exchanges as well as the important role in the development of relations and humanitarian aid.

He also explained that the main reason of these situations is the battles against ISIS and that Iraq is in dire need of a reconciliation in political terms.

While the strategic expert, Dr. Ahmed Abyad explained that Iraq went into a political chaos because of the divisions that have occurred in the past month, and explained the weak points of the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi in the economic cases, and the war against ISIS, and that he did not propose solutions to address these problems .

It is noteworthy that Iraq is facing many disturbances in various aspects especially the fight against ISIS and the divisions in the Parliament.


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