Syria: Foreign fighters are fighting ISIS under the banner of the Kurds.

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A large number of foreigners coming from the old continent and the two Americas are flowing to fight against ISIS in the island province northeastern Syria, and those fighters became involved among the ranks of the Kurdish Units for People’s Protection motivated by humanity to fight for the freedom of others against hatred.

Mason Griffin is a British fighter who came to Qamishli, northeastern Syria and has become a paramedic fighter in the ranks of the People’s Protection Units and established a medical unit to provide the necessary care for wounded Kurds in the fighting against ISIS, and his motivation to doing this is his hatred for injustice and his love for charity work in Britain and providing assistance to people.

As well as his American colleague in the unit Mahoney Heck, aa he came to Roge Ava believing that he has the medical skills that will benefit the civilians there, it did not stop for him at that point, but he wanted to document what he is witnessing of ISIS crimes based on his experience in documentary filmmaking.

As for the German Baz Andouk, he is a professor of political science in one of the German universities who decided to join a course in first aid in preparation for coming to Rouge Ava and joining the medical unit, not caring about the fighting and shooting, his only main concern is not letting anyone die of his wounds while being able to help them.

The American Jonah Darwin came and joined the medical unit armed with his experience that he gained from his service in the United States Army, and thought he would be of value in this unit.

The four fighters concluded the interview by aspirations of unity and peace for Syria.


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