Yemen: Homeless families in Taiz

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Many of the displaced people in the city of Taiz western Yemen, are recently homeless in bitter situations, as a result of the destruction of their homes by the ongoing civil war in Yemen in the absence of appeals to claim securing housing for them.

During the recent times a lot of displaced families started to take the streets of Taiz western Yemen as homes for them after the destruction of their homes due to the ongoing civil war in the country.

In this corner of Jamal street in Taiz governorate, western Yemen, Um Riham lives with her two daughters on cartons, so the street tells a story of the homelessness in Taiz by asking people about their daily bread, and their two daughters.

Many of the displaced heade to build a cattege of cartons and cloth to shield them from the summer’s heat and the winter’s cold, hoping to stabilize their lives.

It is worth to mention that the civil war in Yemen has caused the displacement of hundreds of families as a result of the destruction of homes and buildings.


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