Gaza: Women working in carpentry as a result of the tough conditions.

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Some women in Gaza Strip were forces to work in carpentry, which is a job rarely done by women because of the risks and difficulties, and what it takes of physical effort, but as a result of the difficult living conditions that mimicked the new features of the pattern of their lives, a group of women went to training and qualifying session to engage in the society as working producers in the field of carpentry.

At the center of “the will” for training and vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities Gaza Strip, south of Palestine working on training soldiers of another kind, in the center, a group of women are training in a special program to learn the profession of carpentry, in particular pursuit to secure a new source of living to sustain their families under the difficult conditions of life.

Some women were able to get a simple experience after a training period of six months, but with determination and strong will the engaged themselves in craft business market and turned white wood to furniture, which the feminine touch gave it a special elegance. And believing in their duty towards society, they started making wooden educational tools for children, characterized as environmentally friendly.




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