Tunisia: unemployed protests ended merrily

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Kerkennah Island in the rural east of Tunisia, is witnessing a wave of protests for nearly two weeks, which higher degrees holders are demanding to get recruited in the international oil company in Kerkennah. and after the security intervented to break the sit-in, protests moved to the capital and quickly turned into a celebration.





Protesters of higher education in the Tunisian island of Kerkennah are disrupting the functioning of the international oil companies to protest against unemployment, demanding the International Petro Vac company to hire them, which forced the security forces to intervene and resolve the protest.

As a result of the increasing congestion on the island and the evolution of the clashes between protesters and security men, Protests moved to the capital of Tunisia, where a number of activists organized a sit-in in front of the municipal theater and it quickly turned into a celebration attended by the youths of the island, expressing their joy for the victory after security got out of the city and the detainees have been released.

Protesters denounced being accused of rioting and causing chaos, stressing the legitimacy of their demands in development and employment.

It is noteworthy that the Tunisian parliament decided to hold an urgent extraordinary session for government accountability on the latest developments on Kerkennah Island and the announcement of drastic decisions in favor of this region.




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