Gaza: Palestinian Prisoners’ Day.

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Hundreds of Gaza Strip’s residents, south of Palestine participated on Sunday in the activities of Palestinian Prisoners Day, which Palestinians commemorate the case of prisoners in Israeli jails every year in this day, through the national public events calling for the freedom of the prisoners.





Coinciding with the Palestinian Prisoners Day, Hundreds of citizens went out in Gaza Strip from all parties and trends to call for a particular demand that gathers all of the rows, views and ideas, which is to release the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

What distinguishes this day from any other day is that this day is when the Palestinian resistance has succeeded to release the captive Mahmoud Bakr Hijazi in the first operation of prisoners exchange with Israel.

It is worth to mention that there are many Palestinian prisoners who are living under the occupation roof, with a proportion up to 25% of the population of Palestine.



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