Tunisia: Rose water Extraction season

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Bitter orange flowers are used to extract from Rose water with the beginning of spring in Nabeul, north-east of Tunisia, and is considered one of the inherited traditions of centuries ago in Nabeul.



With the beginning of spring in Nabeul, north-east of Tunisia, bitter orange picking begin to extract rose water, and process continue for four weeks as the longest period of time possible where markets open in this period, which bustles with flower vendors.
In order for the flowers to not lose their value residents of the city’s quickly pick flowers before they ripen, they also leave after the cut for two days until wither, before starting the process of distillation.
The distillation process is a tradition, and one of the habits that is known for the People of Nabeul. Copper trains are used in the distillation where the flowers are placed with boiling water on the backburner, and then start cast drops in customized for orange blossom water.
Rose water has many health benefits, it is a tranquilizer and a laxative for the stomach and delay aging and beneficial in delaying skin aging and it is also used in many sweets.



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