UAE: Conclusion of Abu Dhabi desert rally.

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Abu Dhabi desert rally concluded its twenty-sixth event by the victory of the Qatari racer Nasser Al-Attiyah in the first place for the cars race, and the Australian Toby Brice in the motorbike race. This rally is considered the second round of the World Cup long rally car championship and the first roumd of the motoGP.




Abu Dhabi desert became the race track for Abu Dhabi desert rally at its twenty-sixth round, where cars and motorbikes spruced up by supporting companies slogans hoping to achieve the first places.

Atmospheres filled with sand and the sounds of the engines that drove the cars and bikes at full speed, directed by professional drivers through the plains and plateaus, in constant pursuit to get to the finish line and win the first place.

In Abu Dhabi desert rally, which represents the second round of World Cup for long car rally championship, the Qatari racer Nasser Al-Attiyah grabbed the first place in the cars rally, and the Australian racer Toby Brice got a medal for motorGP in its first round.



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