Syria: ISIS loses Alraei strategic town

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Rebels have managed to liberate Alraei strategic town completely in the countryside of eastern Aleppo, after clashes and confrontations with ISIS elements, rebels have also managed to cut through ISIS supply route that links between northern and eastern Aleppo.




Several factions of Aleppo countryside rebels in the south and east, most notably Al-Sham Brigade, Alsultan Murad force and Hur class operations room, and other factions of the area, managed to liberate Alraei strategic town in the east countryside of Aleppo, after heavy clashes with ISIS who pulled out of the town towards the countryside of Aleppo.

The significance of Alraei town lies in being the linking road between the eastern and the northern countryside of Aleppo. And after the rebels took control over the town, ISIS supply route between Jarabulus and Albab area will be cut off, which will force them to take other roads such as the international highway near Albab connecting the cities of Manbej and east Jarablos.

It is worthy to mention that Alraei town is far about 50 km from Manbaj, the largest rural eastern city and remained under the control of ISIS for about two years



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